Complete Visual Inspection

Certification #2 requires a complete visual inspection of the subject property but what constitutes a complete visual inspection is not defined.  Wells Fargo recommends a table similar to the following:


Included in the Visual Inspection

Not Included in the Visual Inspection

Readily observable exterior areas

Readily observable interior areas

Attic (head and shoulders only unless walkable)

Crawl space (head and shoulders only unless walkable)

The site immediately around the dwelling

Room layout and floor plan

Opinion of the functional utility of the property improvements

Opinion of the conformity of the property improvements to the neighborhood

Opinion of the condition of the property

Measurement of the improvements

Activation and/or testing of mechanical systems (including well and septic, if applicable)

Any part of the property that was not readily observable or accessible

Full site inspection

Environmental assessment

Mold assessment

Roof inspection other than observation from the ground

Radon assessment



Deficiency, Livability, Soundness, Structural Integrity


The terms “deficiency”, “livability”, "soundness", and "structural integrity" are not defined in the report form.  The definition of each term and the extent of reporting may be added as an expanded Scope of Work statement.  


Deficiency may be an inadequacy or it may be synonymous with defective.  The statement addresses all deficiencies, not just the significant ones.  The appraiser should describe to what extent deficiencies are being reported.  Also, the term livability has several meanings ranging from “pleasant” to “habitable”. The appraiser is again advised to address what the term livability in the specific appraisal report will mean.


Modified:  10/6/2018