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The Grantee is the person who receives the conveyance of real property the grantor.  The grantee may purchase the real estate or receive it as a gift.


A property owner may convey property to himself and another person.




John Smith gets married to Mary Jones who becomes Mary Smith.  To get his new wife on the title to his house John writes a deed conveying his house from John Smith (grantor) to John Smith and Mary Smith (grantee).  This is a common way to put a spouse or another person on the title to property.

Although granting land to oneself is not common, it is possible.




Mary Jones owns land.  She gets married to John Smith and changes her name to Mary Smith.  Although she doesn't want John on the title, she wants the deed records to reflect her new name.  To accomplish this, she conveys the land as follows:  Mary Jones, now known as Mary Smith, to Mary Smith (or something to the effect).

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