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Condemnation is the process of exercising the right of eminent domain.  Don't get condemnation and eminent domain confused.


Condemnation is the taking of the property
Condemnation is not a power of the government
Eminent domain is the right to take the property
Eminent domain is a power of government


When property is condemned, the government must pay the owner the fair market value for the property plus an allowance for disruption.  The fair market value is determined by negotiation or in court.  Many appraisers make a good living consulting in condemnation cases.




Condemnation also refers to property that is deemed unfit for habitation that must be closed, repaired or destroyed.  There is no relationship in these dual definitions of the word condemnation.


Condemnation is not one of the four powers of the government.  It is the process or act of exercising the power of eminent domain.

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