Building Codes

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Building codes are rules and ordinances set by local, state, or other municipalities regulating construction standards for construction.  Building codes set the requirements for the kinds of material, workmanship, electrical wiring, sanitary equipment, fire prevention, depth and size of footings, etc.


Building codes are enforced by use of building permits, periodic inspection of the construction, and certificates of occupancy.


If a property owner wants to construct a house or alter an existing house the procedure would be similar to the following:


1.The property owner would obtain a building permit.  The building permit would alert authorities of the intended construction.  The municipality would examine the plans of the project insuring that it met code and zoning requirements.  A permit would be issued if the plans were satisfactory.


2.The property would be inspected at various intervals to insure that the construction complied with the plans.


3.At completion, the property would be inspected for compliance and, if found to be satisfactory, a certificate of occupancy would be issued.


Buildings codes are an appropriate and normal exercise of a municipality's police power.

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