Using Paragon or Matrix with MLS Analyzer

Credit:  7 hours CE

Beginning January 2017, I will be offering private, one-on-one 7-hour CE classes for users of my software.  Let's get together and pick a date that is convenient for both of us.


The primary objective of this class is to:


Format Paragon or Matrix (or both) for use with MLS Analyzer


Additionally, we will format your display:


You will see what you need to see, not what the agent needs to see.
You will add search fields to Paragon that are not visible such as stories, style, basement, etc.
You will use Paragon's built-in 1004MC to insure compatibility with MLS Analyzer.


If you use Total, we will:


Prepare and insert a credible 1004MC into Total
Select and insert comparable sales into Total
Format Total to receive the 1004MC and Comparable Sales


Since this is one-on-one, we will address any problems and questions you have regardless of the MLS service you use.



7-hours CE $175
MLS Analyzer alone $100 per year
MLS Analyzer with Comp Import $180 per year
Trip charge (only if I come to you) $100 if reasonably close

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